Article Summary

Title : A future for systems and computational neuroscience in France?
Authors : Olivier Faugeras, Yves Fr├ęgnac and Manuel Samuelides
Year : 2007
Journal : J Physiol Paris
Volume : 101
Pages : 1-8


This special issue of the Journal of Physiology, Paris, is an outcome of NeuroComp'06, the first French conference in Computational Neuroscience. The preparation for this conference, held at Pont-a-Mousson in October 2006, was accompanied by a survey which has resulted in an up-to-date inventory of human resources and labs in France concerned with this emerging new field of research (see team directory in This thematic JPP issue gathers some of the key scientific presentations made on the occasion of this first interdisciplinary meeting, which should soon become recognized as a yearly national conference representative of a new scientific community. The present introductory paper presents the general scientific context of the conference and reviews some of the historical and conceptual foundations of Systems and Computational Neuroscience in France.