Article Summary

Title : Simulating cortical network activity states constrained by intracellular recordings
Authors : Fabian Alvarez and Alain Destexhe
Year : 2004
Journal : Neurocomputing
Volume : 58
Pages : 285-290


We present a method for studying states of network activity while incorporating constraints provided byintracellular measurements. Taking into account measurements of the average mem- brane potential, input resistance changes and membrane potential 0uctuations, narrows down the possible region of parameter space (connectivity, quantal conductances) where this activity can appear in networks. Searching in those speci2c regions greatlyenhances the e3ciencyof the network-level modeling because irrelevant parameter combinations are automaticallyeliminated. We illustrate this approach bymodeling self-sustained stochastic states in networks of excitatory and inhibitoryneurons, based on intracellular recordings in vivo.