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Title : Hardware computation of conductance-based neuron models
Authors : Ludovic Alvado, Jean Tomas, Sylvain Saïghi, Sylvie Renaud, Thierry Bal, Alain Destexhe and Gwendal Le Masson
Year : 2004
Journal : Neurocomputing
Volume : 58
Pages : 109-115
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We review di4erent applications of silicon conductance-based neuron models implemented on analog circuits. At the single-cell level, we describe a circuit in which conductances are pro- grammed to simulate various Hodgkin–Huxley type models; integrated in a hardware/software system, they provide a simulation tool; an illustrative example is the simulation of bursting neu- rons of the thalamus. At the network level, we present a mixedanalog–digital architecture, where the connectivity andthe plasticity rules are implementeddigitally andare therefore very 8exi- ble. These circuits provide valuable tools for real-time simulations, including hybrid applications where single-neuron or network models are interfaced with biological cells.