Pierre Yger

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Articles (2)


Nicolas Wiest-Daesslé, Pierre Yger, Sylvain Prima and Christian Barillot, Evaluation of a new optimisation algorithm for rigid registration of MRI data, SPIE: Medical Imaging : , (2007) [pdf] [abstract]

Pierre Coupe, Pierre Yger, Sylvain Prima, Pierre Hellier, Charles Kervram and Christian Barillot, An Optimized Blockwise Non Local Means Denoising Filter for 3D Magnetic Resonance Images, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 25 (4): 425-441, (2007) [pdf] [abstract]

Presentations (2)


Andrew Davison, Pierre Yger, Jens Kremkow, Laurent Perrinet and Eilif Muller, PyNN: Towards a universal neural simulator API in Python, Poster At: CNS, (Toronto) (2007) [abstract]

Pierre Yger, Olivier Marre, Sami El Boustani, Pierre Baudot, Cyril Monier, Manuel Levy, Andrew Davison and Yves Frégnac, Chaos control: Reliable signal propagation and pattern completion in chaotic neuronal networks, Poster At: SFN, (San Diego) (2007) [pdf] [abstract]