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Article Summary

Title : Voltage-clamp measurement of visually-evoked conductances with whole-cell patch recordings in primary visual cortex
Authors : Lyle J. Borg-Graham, Cyril Monier and Yves Frégnac
Year : 1996
Journal : J Physiol Paris
Volume : 90
Pages : 185-8


Whole cell patch recordings have been realized in the primary visual cortex of the anesthetized and paralyzed cat, in order to better characterize input resistance and time constant of visual cortical cells in vivo. Measurements of conductance changes evoked by visual stimulation were derived from voltage clamp recordings achieved in continuous mode at two or more different subthreshold holding potentials. They show that the magnitude of the conductance increase can reach up to 300% of the mean conductance at rest. The observation of similar changes for the preferred and antagonist responses, when flashing ON and OFF, a test stimulus in pure ON and OFF subfields supports the hypothesis of a role for shunting inhibition in the spatial organization of simple receptive fields.