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Article Summary

Title : Biophysical and phenomenological models of multiple spike interactions in spike-timing dependent plasticity
Authors : Mathilde Badoual, Quan Zou, Andrew Davison, Michelle Rudolph, Thierry Bal, Yves Frégnac and Alain Destexhe
Year : 2006
Journal : Int J Neural Syst
Volume : 16
Pages : 79-97


Spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP) is a form of associative synaptic modification which depends on the respective timing of pre- and post-synaptic spikes. The biophysical mechanisms underlying this form of plasticity are currently not known. We present here a biophysical model which captures the characteristics of STDP, such as its frequency dependency, and the effects of spike pair or spike triplet interactions. We also make links with other well-known plasticity rules. A simplified phenomenological model is also derived, which should be useful for fast numerical simulation and analytical investigation of the impact of STDP at the network level.