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Article Summary

Title : Period of sensitivity of the primary visual cortex of the cat to the unilateral suppression of extraocular proprioceptive afferents
Authors : Yves Trotter, Yves Frégnac and P Buisseret
Year : 1981
Journal : C R Seances Acad Sci III
Volume : 293
Pages : 245-8


Unilateral suppression of extraocular proprioceptive afferents, which run through the ophthalmic branch of the Vth nerve, disrupted binocular integration in the primary visual cortex of normally reared kittens, when it was performed between 4 and 8 weeks of postnatal age. One month later, half the visual cortical cells were exclusively activated through one eye. A similar disorganization of binocularity was observed in visually deprived Kittens when unilateral lesion was performed at 6 weeks of age. We conclude that the loss of binocular integration is caused by non visual factors, probably related to asymmetry between proprioceptive informations from each eye.