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BookChapter Summary

Title : ModelDB: A Resource for Neuronal and Network Modeling
Authors : Andrew Davison, Thomas M. Morse, Michele Migliore, Luis Marenco, Gordon M. Shepherd and Michael L. Hines
Year : 2002


ModelDB is an online database ( of published neuronal models, including models of ion channels, dendrites, axons, neurons, synapses and networks of neurons. Having ready access to the code for a model facilitates testing and verification of a model, re-use of model components to speed development of new models, and comparing a model to new experimental data. The database is useful for archiving models and for collaboration on modeling projects, and is a resource for teachers and students in both theoretical and experimental neuroscience. We describe here how to use the database: how to find specific models, how to obtain model code, how to run models, and how to contribute a model to the database.