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Presentation Summary

Title : Reliable recall of spontaneous activity patterns in chaotic cortical networks
Authors : Pierre Yger, Olivier Marre, Andrew Davison and Yves Frégnac
Year : 2008


Biological neuronal networks spontaneously generate irregular activity patterns whose structure and significance are still a matter of debate. In attempting to mimic such dynamical behaviour, recent models of spiking neurons have been able to produce an asynchronous, irregular, self-sustained activity without any stochastic input [Vogels and Abbott, 2005]. However, the propagation of external stimulation within those networks is still a challenge since stimulus-evoked activity is corrupted by the chaotic background, triggering a response that is neither reliable nor predictable. Here we hypothetize that reproducible dynamics and responses in a generic recurrent cortical-like network can be obtained if the imposed external drive reproduces the self-sustained activity.