David Colliaux

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Books and Thesis (1)


David Colliaux, Classes of neuronal dynamics and experience dependent structured correlations in the visual cortex, In: () Thèse , (2011)

Presentations (4)


David Colliaux, Cyril Monier, Yves Frégnac and J Petitot, Phenomenology of neocortical neurons dynamics, Poster At: Riken BSI Workshop, (Wako, Japan) (2008)

David Colliaux, Cyril Monier, Nazied Huguet, Marc Pananceau, J Petitot and Yves Frégnac, A phenomenological model of ongoing dynamics in V1 cortex, Poster At: Conférence Ladislav TAUC. Complexity in neural network dynamics, (Gif sur Yvette (France)) (2008)

Colin Molter and David Colliaux, Working memory and spontaneous activity of cell assemblies. A biologically motivated computational model, Poster At: IJCNN 2008, (Hong Kong (China)) (2008)


David Colliaux, Yu Yamaguchi, Colin Molter and H Wagatsuma , Working memory dynamics in a flip-flop oscillations network model with Milnor attractor, Poster At: 14th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP 2007), (Kitakyushu (Japan)) (2007)