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Overview of the Unit
Best Publications

The major publications made by the 5 interdisciplinary groups composing UNIC during the last 10 years have been classified in 4 fields, ranging from Systems Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics, Hybrid cybernetics and Physics applied to Neural Network Dynamics. The group leaders (Vision: Y. Frégnac; Haptic sense: D. Shulz; Electroreception and communication: K. Grant; Hybrid technology: T. Bal; Computational Neuroscience: A. Destexhe) are shown in bold type. In addition we have listed high profile interdisciplinary reviews made by the UNIC members on the theme of Complexity in Neural Network Dynamics.

The major publications made during the last 4 years are shown in pale blue.

Field 1: Complexity in Systems Neuroscience

Frégnac, Y. (1998). Homeostasis or synaptic plasticity ? Nature. 391: 845-846.

Graham, L.J., Monier, C. and Frégnac, Y. (1998). Visual input evokes transient and strong shunting inhibition in visual cortical neurons. Nature. 393: 369-374.

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Van den Burg, E., Engelmann, J.P., Bacelo, J., Gomez, L. and Grant, K. (2007).  Etomidate reduces initiation of backpropagating dendritic action potentials: implications for sensory processing and synaptic plasticity during anesthesia. J. Neurophysiol. 97(3): 2373-2384.

Monier, C., Fournier, J. and Frégnac, Y. (2008). In vitro and in vivo measures of evoked excitatory and inhibitory conductance dynamics in sensory cortices. J. Neurosci. Methods. 169(2): 323-365.

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Monier C., Lucas-Meunier E., M. Amar, G. Baux, Y. Frégnac and P. Fossier. (in press) Involvement of nicotinic and muscarinic receptors in the endogenous cholinergic modulation of the balance between excitation and inhibition in the young rat visual cortex. Cerebral Cortex.

Field 2: Computational Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics

Rudolph, M. and Destexhe, A. (2003). A fast-conducting, stochastic integrative mode for neocortical neurons in vivo. J. Neurosci. 23: 2466-2476.

Rudolph, M. and Destexhe, A. (2005) An extended analytic expression for the membrane potential distribution of conductance-based synaptic noise. Neural Computation. 17: 2301-2315.

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Davison, A. and Frégnac, Y. (2006). Learning crossmodal spatial transformations through spike-timing dependent plasticity. J. Neurosci. 26: 5604-5615.

Brette, R., Rudolph, M., Carnevale, T., Hines, M., Beeman, D., Bower, J.M., Diesmann, M., Morrison, A., Goodman, P.H., Harris, F.C., Zirpe, M., Natschläger, T., Pecevski, D., Ermentrout, B.,

Djurfeldt, M., Lanser, A., Rochel, O., Viéville, T., Muller, E., Davison, A.P., El Boustani, S. and Destexhe, A. (2007) Simulation of networks of spiking neurons : A review of tools and strategies. J. Comput. Neurosci. 23 : 349-398.

Pospischil, M., Toledo-Rodriguez, M., Monier, C., Piwkowska, Z., Bal, T., Fregnac, Y., Markram, H. and Destexhe, A.  (2008). Minimal Hodgkin-Huxley type models for different classes of cortical and thalamic neurons.  Biol. Cybernetics. 99: 427-441.

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Davison, AP, Brüderle, D, Eppler, JM, Kremkow, J, Muller, E, Pecevski, D, Perrinet, L and Yger P (in press). PyNN: a common interface for neuronal network simulators. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics.

Field 3: Real-time Interface between Biological and Modelled neurons

Le Masson, G., Renaud-Le Masson, S., Debay, D. and Bal, T. (2002). Feedback inhibition controls spike transfer in hybrid thalamic circuits. Nature. 417 : 854-858.

Shu, Y., Hasenstaub, A. R., Badoual, M., Bal, T. and McCormick, D. A. (2003). Barrage of synaptic activity control the gain and sensitivity of cortical neurons. J. Neurosci. 23: 10388-10401.

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Brette, R., Piwkowska, Z., Monier, C., Rudolph, M., Fournier, J., Levy, M., Frégnac, Y., Bal, T. and Destexhe, A. (2008). High-resolution intracellular recordings using a real-time computational model of the electrode. Neuron. 379-391.

Pospischil, M., Piwkowska, Z., Bal, T. and Destexhe, A. (in press). Extracting synaptic conductances from single membrane potential traces. Neuroscience, in press.

Field 4: Physics applied to Neural Networks

Rudolph, M. and Destexhe, A. (2001). Correlation detection and resonance in neural systems with distributed noise sources.  Phys. Review Letters. 86: 3662-3665.

Bedard, C., Kröger, H. and Destexhe, A. (2006). Does the 1/f frequency-scaling of brain signals reflect self-organized critical states ? Phys. Review Letters. 97 :118102.

Rudolph, M. and Destexhe, A. (2006). A multichannel shot noise approach to describe synaptic background activity in neurons. Eur. Phys. J. B 52: 125-132.

Field 5: Interdisciplinary high profile reviews

Destexhe, A., Rudolph, M. and Paré, D. (2003). The high-conductance state of neocortical neurons in vivo. Nature Reviews Neurosci. 4: 739-751.

Destexhe, A. and Sejnowski, T. J. (2003). Interactions between membrane conductances underlying thalamocortical slow-wave oscillations. Physiol. Reviews. 83 : 1401-1453.

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Frégnac, Y., Rudolph, M., Davison, A.P. and Destexhe, A. (2007). Complexity and level hierarchy in neuronal networks. In: « Complexity in Biological networks », Editor F. Képes ; Complex Systems and Interdisciplinary Science Series, World Scientific. pp. 291-340.

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