Selected Publications

Benjamin Roland, Thomas Deneux, Kevin Franks, Brice Bathellier and Alexander Fleischmann, Odor identity coding by distributed ensembles of neurons in the mouse olfactory cortex, Elife : in press, (2017)

Thomas Deneux, Alexandre Kempf, Aurélie Daret, Emmanuel Ponsot and Brice Bathellier, Temporal asymmetries in auditory coding and perception reflect multi-layered nonlinearities, Nature Communications 7: 12682, (2016)

Yves Frégnac and Brice Bathellier, Cortical Correlates of Low-Level Perception: From Neural Circuits to Percepts, Neuron 88(1): 110-126, (2015) [PubMed]

Brice Bathellier, Sui Tee, Christina Hrovat and S Rumpel, A multiplicative reinforcement learning model capturing learning dynamics and interindividual variability in mice., PNAS 110(49): 19950-5, (2013) [pdf] [PubMed]

Brice Bathellier, L Ushakova and S Rumpel, Spontaneous association of sounds by discrete neuronal activity patterns in the neocortex, Neuron 76(2): 435-49, (2012) [pdf]